Precept Environmental Inc. is a professional advisement company dedicated to improving communication and data collection with our clients. We have developed applications to share data and create reports with our clients so that the documentation can be quickly accessed.  Our proprietary “Precept Applications” are used to produce “Industry Best” documentation for our services such as Ice Machine Sanitization, Cooling Tower Disinfection and all of our Water Management Programs. This not only ensures that the documentation includes all of the important criteria that is required, but also provides consistency and timeliness of the reporting.

For our existing customers, we have created a client portal where they can access their data quickly and easily. This allows our clients to have a “vault” for all of the documentation associated with their Water Management Program or other Precept Environmental Services that are provided.  This ease of documentation access is critical for those “unexpected requests” for such documentation that is increasing with facility surveys, audits and authoritative reviews.