When industrial or domestic water systems become excessively contaminated, urgent and documented corrective actions may be the only solution.  If this type of emergency remediation is necessary, Precept Environmental can deploy a disinfection and remediation team to discreetly and effectively reestablish control of facility systems and associated equipment.

Not all disinfection procedures are equally effective.  Insufficient protocols can sometimes cause more harm than good.  Precept advisors will help management determine what corrective action protocols may best suit the situation.  All of our disinfection procedures are derived from standardized practices as prescribed by governing authorities such as ANSI, AWWA, OSHA, ASHRAE, and the CTI, and can be modified to minimize any facility downtime.

Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to Precept and our clients.  All services, results, and documentation will be property of the client, and kept proprietary by Precept Environmental.