Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality depends on several factors, which include the presence of fungi and bacteria, as well as basic conditions such as temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity, particulates, and other gasses.

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Precept Environmental can provide analytical IAQ testing and consulting to help provide and maintain a suitable environment for building occupants.

Precept Environmental can provide unbiased guidance and analysis because we do not perform the remediation or any type of HVAC ductwork cleaning services. We focus on helping our customers determine the need for these types of services, without having the conflict of interest associated with being the remediation or service company.

Maintaining the quality of the indoor environment is critical to the health and comfort of a building. Indoor air quality (IAQ) complaints from occupants often warrant further investigation and testing.

Precept Environmental can provide a complete environmental monitoring program that can measure critical indoor air quality components over an extended time period. IAQ components of interest include the following:

Comfort and Ventilation
  • Icon for Temperature
  • Icon for Relative Humidity
    Relative Humidity
  • Icon for Carbon Dioxide
    Carbon Dioxide
Airborne Pollutant
and Contaminant Testing
  • Fungal Spores/Mold
  • Airborne Particulates
  • Odors
  • Pesticides
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon monoxide

Who We Are

After over a decade of experience in water management and chemical water treatment, Precept Environmental, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Britt Rodgers and Johanna Astaire with the goal of providing customers unbiased solutions in water management. They were dedicated to building a business that was based purely on consulting and support services, free of any ties to chemical or equipment solutions, or an in-house laboratory. By prioritizing our customers’ best interests, we have earned their trust and loyalty. These founding goals remain deeply rooted in our business model and will continue to dictate how we conduct business. 

Who Our Clients Are

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Our Advantages

  • Authority

    Precept is the most tenured in Water Management Program development and implementation

  • Independence

    We are independent, and not tied to chemicals, equipment, or any one solution

  • Expertise

    We are experts in Water Management, and our team holds ASSE 12080 Legionella Water Safety Specialist Certifications

  • Documentation

    Our documentation is recognized, and meets surveyor expectations

  • Full Compliance

    We are knowledgeable about healthcare requirements, continuing to evolve with the ever-maturing industry

  • Responsive

    We have excellent coverage, enabling us to be responsive to urgent needs

How We Do It

  • Icon for LEARN

    about your facility and the unique challenges that need to be addressed.

  • Icon for DEVELOPMENT

    solutions customized to solve current problems and prevent new problems.

  • Icon for IMPLEMENT

    a plan that is feasible, effective, and provides clear documentation.

  • Icon for TRAINING

    your team to understand the need for the plan and how to make it successful.

  • Icon for VALIDATE

    regularly to demonstrate compliance and to make improvements to the plan.

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