Good indoor air quality depends on several factors, which include the presence of fungi and bacteria, as well as basic conditions such as temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity, particulates, and other gasses. Precept Environmental can provide analytical IAQ testing and consulting to help provide and maintain a suitable environment for building occupants.

Based on analytical results and onsite inspections, our advisors can identify a need for remediation due to contamination. Precept can also provide independent 3rd party analysis with our Post-Remediation Verification. This process should occur after completion of the remediation work to verify that the procedures used were effective.

Precept Environmental can provide unbiased guidance and analysis because we do not perform the remediation or any type of HVAC ductwork cleaning services. We focus on helping our customers determine the need for these types of services, without having the conflict of interest associated with being the remediation or service company.