Precept Environmental Inc. is a professional advisement company that combines engineering disciplines with the science of biology.  We will provide superior advisement and resources that will help manage the hazard of airborne and waterborne pathogens that can cause disease.

We do not sell chemical products or equipment. This allows us to be committed to giving unbiased guidance that is always in the best interest of the customer and their employees.  All of our solutions are based on industry guidelines from authoritative entities, including the CDC, OSHA, ASHRAE, and the CTI.

Our company emphasizes the value of job safety, professional development, and the career fulfillment of every employee.  The foundation of this culture ensures that we deliver superior representation to our customers, the community, and the industries that we serve.

We staff our company with scientists and engineers with various educational backgrounds.  Our staff of professionals include Microbiologists, Biologists, Environmental Scientists, Mechanical, Environmental and Chemical Engineers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Nursing, Projects Managers and Disinfection Technicians.

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