A well-designed chemical water treatment program is an important component for the overall success of a facility’s central plant. A poorly-designed, or improperly managed water treatment program can lead to several downfalls, including poor system performance, increased energy and water usage, shorter equipment lifespan, and even catastrophic failures.

Precept Environmental can provide a complete non-biased Water Treatment Program Analysis for your facility. Because we do not sell chemical products or equipment, we can provide guidance that is always in the best interest of our customers and their employees.

Our Water Treatment Program Analysis consists of an independent review of the mechanical, operational, chemical, and microbiological aspects of the program. The process includes a thorough survey of the facility and mechanical operations.  The existing water treatment program will be analyzed to ensure that it is the most efficient and effective program based on the needs and requirements of the facility.  Analytical samples will be collected and sent to Independent Laboratories for chemical and microbiological analysis.  Systems that are typically analyzed include:

Based on the findings, Precept will provide unbiased solutions that can improve results, and help reduce operational costs.  All of the findings will be documented in a Precept Water Treatment Program Analysis Report.  At the request of the facility, Precept will discuss the findings and improvement opportunities with the Chemical Water Treatment provider and help manage and monitor the implementation and results.

Water Treatment Bid Specification Design

Precept Environmental is also capable of designing Water Treatment Bid Specifications. These Bid Specifications are designed to have the vendors provide a comprehensive water treatment program that is in the “Best Interest of the Customer” vs. the products and equipment that the vendor recommends. Precept is capable of managing the entire bid process, from bid-walks to vendor questions. The process also includes a Bid Analysis conducted by the facility management and procurement team. This Bid Analysis tool  helps determine the best provider based on a Quality vs. Cost Evaluation.