Information for prospective franchisees

Precept Environmental Inc. is a professional advisement company that combines engineering disciplines with the science of biology.  We will provide superior advisement and resources that will help manage the hazard of airborne pathogens such as mold and fungi, and waterborne pathogens, such as Legionella bacteria which can cause disease. We provide this expertise specifically for the healthcare industry.

Because we do not sell chemical products or equipment, we can be committed to giving unbiased guidance that is always in the best interest of the customer and their employees.  All of our solutions are based on industry guidelines from authoritative entities, including the CDC, OSHA, ASHRAE, and the CTI.

Our company emphasizes the value of job safety, professional development, and the career fulfillment of every employee.  The foundation of this culture ensures that we deliver superior representation to our customers, the community, and the industries that we serve.

We staff our company with scientists and engineers with various educational backgrounds.  Included are Microbiologists, Environmental Scientists, Mechanical and Chemical Engineers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Projects Managers and Disinfection Technicians.

Water Quality Services Advantages

Precept specializes in helping our customers develop, implement, and document all aspects of an ongoing Utility Water Safety Program that is customized for each facility.

Our programs exceed the criteria of the proposed ASHRAE Standard 188, “Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems”, and also helps to meet expectations of other governing authorities such as The Joint Commission, CMS and Departments of Public Health.

Precept advisors work with facility management to ensure the program is feasible and effective. To help continued success over time, a periodic Validation program is implemented. The Validation program may include compliance audits, analytical sampling, minor program adjustments, and documentation of major program achievements.

Air Quality Services Advantages

Good indoor air quality depends on several factors, which include the presence of fungi and bacteria, as well as basic conditions such as temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity, particulates, and other gasses. Precept Environmental can provide analytical IAQ testing and consulting to help provide and maintain a suitable environment for building occupants.

Based on analytical results and onsite inspections, our advisors can identify a need for remediation due to contamination. Precept can also provide independent 3rd party analysis with our Post-Remediation Verification. This process should occur after completion of the remediation work to verify that the procedures used were effective.

Our analytical services are AIHA Industrial Hygiene and Environmental accredited.  To ensure the production of accurate and defensible data, our lab services adhere to a thorough Quality Assurance Program. This program ensures that the customer receives a high standard of accuracy, reliability, and impartiality that is consistently applied to all services rendered.

For any kind of analytical testing, the key to success is their interpretation.  Precept advisors provide industry guidelines so that interpretation of your results is clear.  Standards and guidelines are not proprietary, so we help to empower our customers by arming them with this information.  Because of our industry experience we can also help determine control parameters specific to your systems.  Should results indicate corrective action is necessary, we advise appropriate actions to help regain control.

The Precept Environmental Franchise Offering

Experience:  Precept Environmental has been in business for many years as a highly successful California based business providing our services on a national level.  Our experience means you can offer our unique services within our proven system right from the start to help maximize your profits

Support:  You’ll be taught what you need to know to start and run your business.

Name Recognition:  Brand names bring more customers into the business and provide a competitive advantage that independent units can seldom attain.

Marketing:  Our national exposure assures that our brand remains in the forefront, top of mind.

Site Selection:  You’ll receive advice on desirable market area demographics, territory size, facility build out and other factors that will help you maximize profits.

Speed and Efficiency:  We know what needs to be done and how so we save you time in your startup phase. This means that you can begin marketing and working with customers right away!

Simplicity:  We know what functions and activities make money. So we keep your business focused so that you can concentrate on the activities that will make you the most money.

Purchase the Precept Environmental Franchise

Step 1: Review our website. Ask for and receive our introductory information package.

Step 2: Complete our Request for Consideration Form by contacting us direct or on line.

Step 3: After we receive your form, you will be contacted for a 20-30 minute interview to discuss our business model, your qualifications and your proposed territory with our consultant. After this interview and upon proof of funds you may receive the Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD) with exhibits including the Franchise Agreement.

Step 4: Do your due diligence! Review the UFDD and consult your attorney and/or CPA as well as our independent franchise consultant free of charge. Gather all necessary information from the Precept Environmental owners with a video conference call to discuss the business in greater detail and talk to our operating franchisees.

Step 5: If invited, come visit us in the Los Angeles area at our location for a Discovery Day to see our operation, meet our owners and see how we do business. Then make the decision to either purchase or pass on the opportunity.

Step 6: Set closing date, sign the Franchise Agreement and pay your franchise fee.

Step 7: Attend training in Orange County, CA, receive your Operations Manual and get started on your new business!

On behalf of the Precept Environmental family, we would like to thank you for inquiring about our exciting franchise opportunity and hope to welcome you to our expanding family of franchisees.