Surveillance of pathogenic bacteria or mold (LegionellaPseudomonas, Coliforms, Aspergillus, etc) is an important part of an effective pathogen control program.  Regular monitoring allows the environment to be directly gauged and trended over time, so that ongoing control of the environment is documented. It is particularly important whenLegionella control measures are in place, such as implementation of a Utility Water Safety Plan.

Although Precept Environmental is not a laboratory, we recommend and utilize independent laboratories that are AIHA Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Microbiology accredited and are CDC Elite Certified for Legionella enumeration.  To ensure the production of accurate and defensible data, we choose laboratories that adhere to a thorough Quality Assurance Program.  This program ensures the customer that a high standard of accuracy, reliability, and impartiality are consistently applied to all services rendered.

Precept Environmental, Inc. can provide full service microbiological analytical testing, including the following general types of analysis:

For any kind of analytical testing, the key to success is their interpretation.  Precept Advisors use industry guidelines so that interpretation of your results is clear.   Standards and guidelines are not proprietary, so we help to empower our customers by arming them with this information.  Because of our industry experience we can also help determine control parameters specific to your systems.  Should results indicate corrective action is necessary, we advise appropriate actions to help regain control.