Legionella Directive 1061

Veteran’s Health Administration Legionella
Directive 1061 Compliance

The 1061 directive is centered on the prevention and control of healthcare-associated disease caused by Legionella bacteria.

Precept specializes in helping our customers develop, implement, and document all aspects of a Legionella Control Program that is customized for each facility. This Legionella Prevention Plan is structured to directly support the criteria set forth in the Legionella directive by addressing the following:

  • Assessing Risk of Water Systems
    A field survey is conducted that provides assessment of Legionella risk based on environmental conditions for each relevant system type, and organized into a site-specific document
  • Monitoring Water Quality
    Sample collection and field testing for Legionella bacteria, temperature, free chlorine, and pH in the hot and cold domestic water is conducted by our field specialists to ensure proper analytical techniques are utilized for compliance. A sampling schedule is established and documented in the Prevention Plan
  • Implementation of Engineering Controls
    Consulting is provided to help facility management identify areas for improvement with engineering controls, such as secondary disinfection systems, or temperature control

Precept advisors work with facility management to ensure all program documentation stays current in order to establish compliance.

Analytical testing of the water quality is a primary component of Directive compliance, and can require numerous resources. Adherence to the designated sampling schedule, Legionella sample collection, proper field testing techniques and equipment, result documentation, and result trending over time is provided by our consulting experts.

Our analytical services are CDC ELITE Certified, and AIHA Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Microbiology accredited. To ensure the production of accurate and defensible data, our lab services adhere to a thorough Quality Assurance Program. This program ensures that the customer receives a high standard of accuracy, reliability, and impartiality that is consistently applied to all services rendered.

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